Cost-effective lifting machinery will be more marketable in the future



With the national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure construction into the climax of the rapid expansion of the crane market, the trend of large-scale cranes has become an irreversible fact. And in order to reduce production costs and save manpower and material resources, the demand for large cranes is gradually expanding, the lifting capacity of the crane requirements are increasingly large. Lifting speed requirements are increasingly high, it is inevitable that the control of energy consumption and crane performance requirements are increasingly high. As an important part of the automated production process, simple operation, high safety, reliable performance and easy maintenance are the basic requirements of the crane, in addition, cost-effective lifting machinery will have a more market in the future.

For this reason, to meet the needs of a variety of work of specialized cranes continue to be developed and put into use, there are nuclear power, paper, waste disposal and other special cranes. And there are special performance cranes to meet a variety of working environments, such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, insulated electric hoist cranes. The performance of traditional cranes for railroads and ships has also been enhanced, and the adaptability to the environment has been improved.

It is conceivable that, with the successive urbanization construction across the country and accelerated development, including railroad transportation, construction, energy and water conservancy, and so on, many aspects of the project construction, and the development of China's crane industry to provide a broader development prospects. The next 3 to 5 years, China's crane market will be more exciting, 100-ton to 1,000-ton product spectrum will be more intensive, electric hoist technology will be more mature, people will gradually from the initial breakthrough of Chinese enterprises "the world's largest" surprise calm down, more deeply into the engineering applications and user needs.

The face of China's lifting machinery industry development of better momentum, should focus on the technology of machinery, research and put forward for the sustainable development of lifting equipment countermeasures, although China has now entered the high-end, but the independent innovation, the establishment of their own brand, to promote strategic development, innovation to lead the development, to do a good job of their own in order to achieve the long-term development of the industry, the establishment of intellectual property rights awareness should be strengthened to cultivate.

China's bridge gantry crane market competition is mainly through the price war. Price war is more brutal and relatively low, the end result is a declining profit, which led to a decline in product quality, the level of the industry as a whole, and finally collapse, causing a major reason for this situation is that there is no difference between the products, can not compare performance, than personality.