Contactor coil problem of portal crane



The use of portal cranes, inevitably the following small accidents will certainly occur, as long as we understand the reasons, then it is much simpler to solve, today we will look at the causes of ah portal crane contactor coil power failure.

Portal crane

1, the vibration generated by the car work so that the slide iron and rail combination is not firm, power supply problems, resulting in the main contactor main contact and normally open auxiliary contact disconnected at the same time, the main contactor coil self-locking failure and lead to power failure.

2, poor local contact of the slide iron, resulting in crane travel to a section of the slide rail momentary phase deficiency, if the missing phase happens to be connected to the control line, the main contactor coil power failure, self-locking failure, even if the bridge crane due to inertia slide through the poor contact regained power, the main contactor coil can not be self-absorption, you must press the start button again.

3, the crane lifting heavy objects generated by vibration so that the main contactor does not hold, the main contacts and normally open auxiliary contacts at the same time due to vibration and disconnection, the main contactor coil self-locking failure and power failure.