Design structure of simple cantilever crane



The main girder is mostly off-track box frame layout. Compared with the double main girder gantry crane, want to know the mobile jib crane. Provides favorable conditions for the application in the overhead crane drive system. Look at the cantilever crane manufacturers. First of all, the locomotive diesel engine assembly of the 32-ton overhead crane of the rack repair depot of the size of the car dragging system and hook lifting system held frequency reform, in fact, shallow jib crane. Its lifting characteristics indicators are characterized by the lifting moment, the value of the label is the maximum lifting capacity.

With a hand chain hoist or electric hoist with a shallow trolley as a lifting trolley, shallow cantilever crane. Under the premise of satisfying the conditions of use of the configuration and meeting the span series scale, study the jib crane drawings.

The speed and productivity requirements are not high places. Manual single girder overhead travelling crane accept manual monorail trolley as running trolley, hand pull. Can make heavy lifting and handling in a certain cylindrical space. Jib cranes are mostly mounted on vehicles or other situations of transport (mobile) things.

To lift heavy hoists. Trolley frame is the support and placement of lifting opportunities business trolley running mechanism and other components of the frame, the bridge by the main beam and end beam composed of shallow jib crane. The main beam as usual to accept a single I-beam, cantilever crane. That is, with an electric motor to start the long drive shaft drive both sides of the active wheel; another category for the separate drive, that is, the two sides of the active wheel each with an electric motor drive. Superficial. Small and medium-sized overhead cranes more accept brakes, reducers and electric motors combined into one "three-in-one" driving principle, lifting trolley in its upper or lower chord bar track running. Shallow cantilever crane. Some trolleys have slewing arms.