Advantages of jib cranes



Wall jib crane is a relatively economical solution for heavy-duty material handling, which can be used to lift larger loads and meet higher productivity requirements, with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons and a span of up to 7 meters. Its advantages are as follows:

● Lightweight movement: the ultra-lightweight cantilever crane with copper bushings and high force brass graphite can achieve easy rotation and precise positioning;

● Tranquility: weld-free, once-formed bracket fittings provide a strong guarantee of tranquility;

● Full rated load application: 15% of the rated lifting capacity of the jib crane is the total weight of the hoist and hoist trolley, and 25% is the striking load, effectively guaranteeing the efficient use of the jib lifting capacity;

● Lightweight placement: single tie bar, both ends of the jib crane are right-hand threaded for easy leveling; all parts including the stop trolley are bolted together.