The new trend of intelligent cranes



At present, the annual growth rate of the crane industry in China is lower than that of other traditional machinery industries. Crane companies must accelerate the research and development of crane production, so that it is towards economic efficiency, green, intelligent direction, electric hoists and hoists in the trend of intelligent development to move forward. In the future, crane lifting should be adapted to the development of the Internet intelligent era through new technologies.

But with the evolution of the needs of the times, in today's virtual reality technology is the emergence of virtual simulation technology training and so on, there are companies are developing virtual mobile cranes crane lifting simulation products, Want Want Trade City is expected to be more intelligent in 2020, a variety of cranes. Most importantly, is the lifting equipment, the competition of efficiency, high speed, high efficiency competition. Machinery and equipment used in the production of crane plants, is a set of machine, electricity, light, gas, and a high degree of mechanization and automation is an important direction for its development.


Crane intelligent requirements, simple operation is also on the agenda; high speed, high effective reduction in crane product costing requirements; high flexibility, suitable for crane product changes; now a variety of domestic crane crane production line technical parameters have not much difference, lifting machinery manufacturers should strengthen the rapid integration of new technology research and development cooperation, should also be properly introduced to the crane international advanced production technology.

In the selection of new product development, crane machinery and equipment manufacturers should be high-speed and efficient as a reference, the crane control panel and software and hardware for secondary development and upgrading to improve the competitiveness of crane equipment.